We Have Weather Happening

It’s actually odd that I chose today to write this post, for a couple of reasons. First of all, apologies for spamming your RSS feed with updates this week. Last week was crazy busy and I got neglectful, so I’m trying to make it up by being pity and erudite (points if you can Name That Quote) and prolific this week.

Second, the weather is stunningly beautiful today. Not too muggy, though that will probably change as soon as I have to step outside on my trek to Chinese Class, and sunny and gorgeous blue skies.

The blue skies, however, are a product of the less-than-savory weather that has been going on for the last few days.

Shenzhen is, as I mentioned, a massively populated city in a sub-tropical climate. As a result, the default weather is hot, humid to the point of dampness, sticky, hazy, and overall mildly uncomfortable. I mean, we’ve gotten used to it. But most of the time, people hide out in air-conditioned rooms and figure out the shortest distance between the blessed, AC sanctuary of where they are and the hopefully also blessed, AC sanctuary of where they are headed.

Some days, though. Some days, your day will begin as a sunny-ish, hazy hot Shenzhen day. You walk into a restaurant for 20 minutes to have lunch, and when you walk out– lo and behold, it’s an absolutely torrential downpour, and Noah’s Flood is happening on the street and sidewalks, and you’re thinking, ‘darn it, why did I think runners were a good idea’ as you mince gingerly through the sludgy sidewalk river (did I mention about the walking surfaces in China? Ugh) and hope hope hope you can get that brown sliminess off of your Adidas at some point.

The rain makes a show of stopping at some point about 30 minutes later, and you poke your head cautiously back outside, tenderly sticking out a hand to see if there are any falling drops. It seems ok, but now you know better than to trust it, so you don your rain jacket and head back out on whatever errand it was you were on your way to do when the Rainpocalypse happened.

Storm clouds loom ominously in the distance, but they look like they are hovering over those poor sods in Futian district, even possibly over Hong Kong, so Nanshan should be safe for a bit. And, obligingly, the weather holds while you make your pilgrimage to the grocery store for supplies, and starts dripping again but not very earnestly as you board the bus back home. It holds until you walk in your front door, and then, as if on cue, the apartment building explodes with noise as raindrops the size of quarters come pelting at your windows. This storm is quickly followed by Thunder and Lightning– and yes, they deserve Capitalization. One of my friends had the bizarre experience of having his apartment actually hit by lightning during this particular storm, so badly that it blew out the ethernet cable port on his computer. Not even kidding. He’s been trying to find a USB replacement for a few days now.

The weather in and of itself is pretty exciting, especially as we usually get 2 or 3 days of this kind of thing all at once. It keeps you constantly on your toes. My favorite part of this whole weather situation, though, is not the weather itself. No, my favorite part is that all of the sidewalk surfaces in my school, not to mention many of the sidewalks around town, are either made entirely of smooth polished granite or marble, or have tiles of it set into the normal sidewalk.

Imagine walking this on a normal day. Okay, whatever. Kind of strange but also pretty.

Now imagine walking this when it’s been raining for 4 days and you are wearing flip-flops. With zero traction.

On the plus side, when it rains like that, the following days boast gorgeous blue skies, and a small respite from the muggy haze. So who can really begrudge a few terribly, horribly, embarrassing, losing battles with gravity?

Gravity should get a handicap.  Marble tile, indeed.


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  1. I LOVE it when you update, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! 🙂

  2. So…when it rains so hard that the sidewalks become small freshets, are there bugs doing the backstroke through the water? Every time there was a gully-washer in Athens, drowned cockroaches would float down the street, usually on their backs with their little legs up in the air. I never knew whether to cringe or cheerfully wave as they went by, pleased there were fewer cockroaches for a while.

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