Evaluations and Acrobats!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days. We just finished our 5th teaching day, and we’ve begun the evaluation period where the coordinators sit in on our classes and critique our teaching style, classroom management, choice of topics, etc. Class continues to progress quite well; my students are a hoot. Apparently Chinese teenagers have an incredible fascination with Lady Gaga– not sure where it comes from, but she comes up in just about every class. We are supposed to prepare a talent show with our students in the next week, and I have a feeling we will be hearing more than one rendition of either “Poker Face” or “Just Dance”…

Beijing is amazing. I’ll just say that right now. Despite the truly awful weather, to which we are all slowly acclimatizing, there is a beauty and vibrancy to the city that is both very familiar, and also unique. The Beijing University campus is unparalleled in its beauty– soon I hope to have pictures for you, but right now suffice it to say that between the ancient-looking rolled-tile pagoda-style architecture (my students are studying adjectives, can you tell?), the cobblestone walkways, and the absolutely stunning central lake that is draped with graceful willows, it’s almost too picturesque to be believed. And when the rain falls heavily, it clears out the sky so we have had a couple days of gorgeous sun which just elevates the aesthetic even further.

Tonight, we went out and experienced the strange and wonderful Chinese Acrobats at the Tiandi (Heaven and Earth) Theatre. Think of that scene from Ocean’s Eleven where they first meet The Amazing Yen. Yeah. Those guys. It was pretty awesome. I don’t know where else you can see 12 women riding a single bicycle.

More later. Now it’s out for some late night noodle bowls and lesson planning. Yowza.


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