And she’s off!

This is kind of a revelation. I am currently surfing the web while on a plane.

Sometime between the previous time I owned a laptop (which was, approximately, during Charlemagne’s reign) and now, airlines have figured out how to allow travellers the luxury of web access at 30,000 feet. I must be completely behind the times, but this IS the first time I’ve taken a computer on a plane in over five years so cut me a little slack.

But that is not the point of this post. The point is, I am currently on a plane to Beijing!

Actually, that’s not the truth. I won’t be on a plane to Beijing until sometime tomorrow. I’m currently headed for a 5-hour layover at LAX, and from thence to Seoul, Korea; THEN on to Beijing.  I’m pretty excited.It’s been a while since I left the country and I’m also really looking forward to sinking my teeth into classes the next few weeks.

Particularly Mandarin. You know, it’s definitely true that if you don’t use a language, you lose it. Having now lost most of my Chinese, and a good portion of my Japanese, I’m hoping it’s also true that it comes back quickly. I hope the words are kind of lying dormant somewhere in my brain, like a bunch of Kleenex waiting to be shaken out and used.

Right, did I mention that I’m kind of drugged up on Sudafed and Tylenol, trying to beat the traveller’s cold that I somehow miraculously caught before even getting on a plane? (I blame the attenuated typhoid inoculant. It may not scientific or relevant, but it sure makes me feel better about the whole shot situation.) Kleenex is on my mind…

At this point I’m just killing time until I land. Gonna go watch an episode of Firefly. I urge you to come back later, I could be more interesting then. I know my surroundings certainly will be.

My love to you all in the States, and a shout out to the folks to whom I had to say quick-and-dirty goodbyes in Portland for being totally patient while I ran around like a madwoman the last couple weeks.


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  1. Love you, sweet niece. Enjoy your adventure (and keep blogging)!

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