It’s hard to know where this adventure began.

Was it in March , when I received the rejection from Teach for America that spurred me to start applying for teaching positions in various exotic locales? Was it sophomore year, when I made the choice to graduate early instead of heading abroad confident that the option would come around again once the degree was in hand? Or was it when I started taking Chinese classes in college, knowing full well I would never be satisfied with merely classroom language; that I would someday have to make the physical journey in order to complete the educational one?

Probably all of the above. Whatever the cause, here I am, days away from hopping a plane to (LAX, Seoul, then) Beijing and beginning what will be a year spent teaching, learning, travelling, and–of course– eating in China.

My hope for this blog is that it will be informative, introspective, and regular; barring that, I will accept semi-regular and slightly wacky.  I’m actually quite terrible at chronicling (this, by the way, is a big fat disclaimer) but I’m hoping that the somewhat heightened accountability of keeping an actual blog as opposed to a journal will keep me a little more focused and allow me a place to share my experiences with friends and family.

This is writing a lot to say a little, but anyway, welcome to the China Monologues, and I hope you stay for a while.


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